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Lesson 8

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If you make a ____, you go on a journey and return to where you started from.

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What wh-question tells you information about places?

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Jane: I will leave Sai Gon to go on a business trip for 3 days. My ____ flight is 10 p.m tomorrow morning.
Claire: That means your ____ flight will be on August 10th?

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Jay: ___ you ___ to lie on the beach or go hiking on the weekend?
Ken: Definitely go hiking. Soaking in the sun is the last thing I want.

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Mike: I would like to make a hotel ____.
Receptionist: How many nights would you like to stay?

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Mom: Have you ___ your homework yet?
Son: Ugh! I’m so done with it.

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Josh: How much is the bus ___ to get around the city?
Amelia: No idea. But it shouldn’t be too expensive.

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Luke: Where are you travelling to?
Vy: I’m ____ visit my favourite city – Da Lat.

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Receptionist: I have booked the table for you. See you tonight at 8 p.m!
Customer: ___. Thank you. See you!

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