Practice with AI

S:  Good morning, sir. Welcome to Vancouver. My name is Joseph.

G:  Good morning. Thank you for picking me up.

S:  May I take your luggage?

G:  Sure. Thank you.

S:  Right this way, please.

S:  Would you like a bottle of water, sir?

G:  Yes, please. Thank you.

S:  How is the music and temperature?

G:  Can you turn the volume down, please?

S:  Certainly, sir.

G:  And can you lower the temperature?

S:  Sure, right away, sir.

G:  Great, thanks!

S:  We are going to the Grand Hotel.

G:  Yes, that’s correct.

S:  The trip will take about 45 minutes.

G:  Great. I hope there’s no traffic jam.

S:  It should be OK. Please enjoy yourself.

G:  Thank you!

S:  Good morning, sir. Welcome the the Grand hotel.

G:  Good morning.

S:  How was your trip?

G:  Very good, thank you.

S:  Please watch your step.

G:  Ok. Thanks.

S:  There are 3 bags, altogether, right?

G:  Yes, that’s right. Thank you.

S:  Good morning, Mr. Henry, great to see you again. How are you?

G:  Yes, I am great. Thanks.

S:  How was your flight?

G:  It was OK. I slept most of the time.

S:  Great. What can I do for you, sir?

S:  Welcome to the Grand hotel. How can I help you?

G:  I’d like to check in.

S:  Sure, do you have a reservation?

G:  Yes, I do. Here’s my reservation number.

S:  A moment, please. OK, just to confirm, you will be staying in the Deluxe room for three nights. Is that correct?

G:  Yes, that’s correct.

S:  And do you prefer a smoking or non-smoking room?

G:  Non-smoking, please.

S:  Good afternoon, sir. How can I help you?

G:  Hi. I need a room for this evening.

S:  Do you have a reservation?

G:  No, I don’t. I’d like to book a single room for tonight.

S:  I can offer you our best walk-up rate. It’s 125 dollars per night including breakfast.

G:That’s very expensive. Is that the cheapest rate you have?

S:  I’m afraid so. We are very busy this evening.

G: OK. I’ll take it.

S:  The suite has a living room, so you can host your clients

G:  Oh, really?

S:  It also includes 2-hours in our VIP meeting room, so you can hold meetings too.

G:  Hmm, that sounds great.

S:  The regular price for the VIP meeting room is 35 dollars an hour, so you’ll be saving quite a bit.

G:  Thank you for your information.

S:  Mr. Smith. May I confirm your departure date, please?

G:  Yes, I am leaving on the 23rd.

S:  Friday, the 23rd. And will you require any transportation to the airport?

G:  Yes, please. How much is that?

S:  It’s 50 dollars for our E class, and 75 dollars for the S-class. Which one do you prefer?

G:  E-class please.

S:  Thank you. I’ll have it arranged for you.

S:  Here we are. Mr. John. How is your room?

G:  It’s great. Looks beautiful.

S:  There’s a safety deposit box in the closet, and an extra pillow and blanket too.

G:  Oh, thank you.

S:  There’s also complementary water over here. If you prefer Evian, there’s a charge for that.

G:  OK. How about the minibar items?

S:  All the minibar items are complimentary on the day of your arrival. We will replenish that once a day.

G:  Thank you. How about wifi password?

S:  The Wi-Fi username is your room number and password is your last name.

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